Meeting Up (Old) Friends – College part 2

How, when, where

Why him? As we are on quite the same state, moving from a stable big corporate to a startup company. Well, as a unicorn, Traveloka can be stated also as big company (while me still on a size 100 employee) but they don’t have yet an old people that gonna pension there, right? That’s one thing that we’re wondering at this moment. Is this the right path for us? Are we gonna end our career on startup company? Is it possible? How about the pension? This wondering may gonna fill our minds for a long time from now.

He is already a month there, so I want to hear that drastic change he is against. From a bank that have high discipline, now he doesn’t need to come before 9 o’clock. No absent machine. This is how you value the integrity of your employee.

Next is about communication, all in English. On Slack, on chatting, on email even on the document that you need to write. Direct talk is on JakSel’s style. Coming from a national bank company that never using any English on any occasion, he needs to adapt it.

The company structure itself didn’t use the old pyramid style. While this needs to be confirmed again, I think they are using the spotify model. The positive using the old style is you know immadiately, at least the division/group, who to contact if you’re facing some problem that need somebody else help. While on the modern model, you need to find the which team first, or you have to ask your lead before go to the direct person in charge.

I’m gonna start on this Thursday, bismillah…

Meeting Up (Old) Friends – College Part 1

3rd Day jobless. 17th Oct, 2018.

Zebew a.k.a Ari & Berli. As our College ID Number (NPM: package manager for JavaScript Nomor Pokok Mahasiswa) is just next to each other, we just become good friends to each other too.

Seeing them always make me want continue the study. Berli is on going finishing his PhD at the same faculty same university, while Zebew is a lecturer also at the same place. Guess where we meet? Meikarta Fasilkom’s canteen.

This man, already chasing his PhD while me still wondering around enjoying 9-5 life. As he now needs tutor with professor title to make his way smooth, the problem lies. Fasilkom is still lacking professor level, already around 10-15 people for each professor. More problematic for him as his professor becoma a legislative candidate (caleg) for next year. And he needs to turn down his position as UI’s lecturer.

Ari a.k.a Zebew
Fasilkom always update its curriculum, and this former BEM Fasilkom’s chairman is now teaching the big data and machine learning things. The things that make the industry on 4.0 version now. As I (still have) hope can be a data scientist, I’m asking his material to the class. Well, I forget that I have friends as lecturer at this moment.

Meeting Up (Old) Friends – High School

Whenever Fuad arrange this “kontrakan” meetup, at least 3 of 6 are available. As we graduate from the same high school and continue to the same college, we decide to rent a house together, fill it with 6 people! 2 bedrooms, 1 house, 6 men. LGBT is not yet a thing that time; we can be raided. So here we are, 8 years after graduate meeting up at one mall Jakarta, on Sunday 14th Oct.

Not yet a crazy rich surabayan. Successfully losing some weight this time than a year ago.  As he already make us surprised going to China area with his job on the big ship at first 2 years after graduate, he is changing job, still on the ship things but no special story this time.

Single at the last time we meet, now he has a boy. Taste the LDM (Long Distance Marriage) as he works in Makassar, he is now enjoying life with regularly travel back-to-back Jakarta-Makassar around once a month.

Special story from him come around the earthquake and tsunami in Palu & Donggala, Sulawesi Tengah (wanna help? you can visit here). He went there from Makassar by car for 12 hours on the road bringing anything that needed there. And he is not for long there as he is not a volunteer and just deliver the package and coming back again to Makassar.

Here we are our special guest this time. Make everyone surprised with his study in Taiwan in the last 2 years! He was facing difficulty caused by family and personal economy condition at the college time with us, yet he can get the scholarship there. Now he already finish the study, he gives us another thing on his left ring finger with the ring there! He even brings the wedding book! LOL. Congratz!

Unfortunately, his subject on the study is fabrication electronic which there’s no available industry in this country. Any electronic brand that has a factory here just doing the assembling, not making it from raw material. Now he works here as “broker” to anyone who want to get scholarship or continue study to Taiwan. Anyone interested, you can contact him. From me, I hope someday you can make the first one who make the factory that build the raw to the next level.

Meeting Up (Old) Friends – Intro

As I currently on a very long-term leave (using it all before resign), I want to do much. 12 Weekdays off! This resign is not just leaving current job and get another one. It’s a total new life. From a big stable government company that you don’t need to do much to get promotion, going old, then retire with good money — to a startup company, working in social things. I won’t tell the story about how I against this. But as I want a distraction, this long spare period must be used wisely.

One thing is meeting up with old friends. Knowing their current conditions, their life, their family and what they chase today can be an inspiration to me. To make me feel that the next step I chose is the right one. Getting your friends support you is important. We, human, need anyone else.

Hi Rez Paladins: How To Play Ying

Paladins is a multiplayer video game, with genre First Person Shooter (FPS), team with 5v5 players. Some may say this as FPS MOBA (more on official site here and gamepedia here).

Disclaimer: this guide is created by me subjectively. So, please don’t rage when I say “best” and “better” and something like that.

One of my favorite and best hero so far is Ying. Best healer for me. Why?

  • Spamming heal, almost no cooldown (we’ll see it later)
  • While spamming heal, you can still do damage
  • Even your heal can damage
  • Heal all teammate (ultimate skill)

Find more about Ying and all her skill here.

I have diamond mastery on Ying with 4,3k rating while writing this. So, I hope this guide is good for you. Continue reading “Hi Rez Paladins: How To Play Ying”

Make This Serial a High Budget Movie, please!

Bumi (Earth), Bulan (Moon), Matahari (Sun), Bintang (Star)… and next is Komet (Comet). These fantasy series is great. Written by well known writer, Tere Liye. Three teenagers as protagonist, one big enemy which is still hidden, and three fantasy worlds so far which are really fantastic. Harry Potter-like, yes. Even one-two things quite the same, but the plot, the story, is original.

Short Review:
2 girls, 1 boy. The story focus on their journey on parallel worlds: Moon clan’s world, Sun clan’s and Star clan’s. Moon’s and Sun’s are placed parallel space which just can be reached through a portal (time and space portal), while the Star’s available through ordinary way. I won’t tell much about the story, just find it here.

What makes this serial great is these parallel worlds. How Tere Liye describe it, the transportation, the technology, it is so good to be true. At Moon’s clan, their transportation placed on underground tube with electromagnetic as the power. No fossil, no pollute. The house is sphere shaped stand above a high pillar so the land is not touched much. And so much more even at another worlds.

I hope this serial can be found by film maker, created with high budget so the parallel worlds can be drawn better then book said.

Pict source:

Mal dan Ramadhan

Buka Puasa di Mal

Sadis. Weekend, jam berbuka, di pusat perbelanjaan a.k.a mal. Apalagi 2 minggu sebelum lebaran, dimana THR sebagian besar sudah masuk rekening. Afgan lah.

Sebetulnya gw termasuk orang yang sudah menyerah untuk berbuka puasa di mal sejak 2 tahun lalu. Berebut tempat, sesak, dan mesti stand by sejak jam 17.00 WIB, bahkan pernah sejak 16.30 WIB (waktu berbuka sekitar 17.50 – 18.10), bengong gitu di resto dan itu udah full booked. Belum lagi ngga tega melihat waiters, waitress & chef nya :'(.

Usahakan untuk pesan semua sebelum adzan maghrib, dan rapikan serapi2nya peralatan bekas makanmu, ringankan pekerjaan mereka.

Nah, karena ‘kegilaan’ jam berbuka di mal itu, gw akhirnya pergi ke mal itu setelah maghrib, berbuka seadanya dulu di rumah. Sampai di resto, masuk ke gelombang kedua, lebih damai. Cara ini sukses di D’mall, namun gagal total di Margo City. Ini Margo City yah, bener-bener mal nya orang Depok dan sekitarnya, ramenyaaa (Mesjid apa kabar ya?). Nongol jam 7 malem, waiting list sampai sejam. Yang herannya, segitu banyak antrian waiting list, masih banyak pula yang selesai makan masih dengan santainya lanjut ngobrol. Well, oke lah kalo kalian lagi bukber (buka bersama) dengan kawan lama, tapi please peduli dengan keadaan. Sampai jam 10 malem di Margo City, ini mal masih rame maksimal.

Blacklist lah buka puasa weekend di Margo City.

Sudah malam ke-17 nih, sudah sampai mana tilawah mu? Tarawih udah ada yang kelewat?