Malang The Apple’s City (?)

I believe and know well that Malang, the city on the east of Java, take 2 hours from Surabaya, is a Apple’s city. However, let’s see the picture above. Note to the top of the monument, it’s a flower seed! (I don’t know actually what flower it is). Why not apple sit there? huh

I accidentally heard on TV, in One Stop Football, Malang, from what the presenters said that it’s the Flower City. Hoho, I’m wrong for all over time. shy

Just a little bit about Malang. About 3-5 years before, the weather is cold but nice and have the fresh air. It happens because this city lie on the foothill. Unfortunately, last time I went there, I felt a bit hot and yeah, there’s traffic jam that I didn’t see before. The City start to grow up and many department store built there. It’s make me sad a little bit. I really hope that Malang won’t lose their nature air.


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