FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour 2010, Jakarta

Better late than not tell this boring story. =P

FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour 2010 at Indonesia on January, 26th 2010. For Indonesian, specially who live in Jakarta, had a chance to see the most wanted trophy by all soccer players and the fans, because this event was hold at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), by Coca-Cola.

And that’s for the introduction. Now, I would like to story how I got stuck there. Got Stuck! And the trophy it’s still so far away. I show you the map first. (I dropped off the map, so I make the illustration myself =P)

That day was brighter than other days in that week, no rain, and no black cloud like usual on this rain season. I just arrived at home from Malang, my hometown. Tired enough. So, I just sat in front of my laptop, Facebook-ed, checked emails, and chatted with my friend, Reza. And then, I planned to go to sleep after this. But, suddenly my little bro got me a free ticket for that event. It woke me up. I really want to saw this holy trophy. It was not because I want to go with him, but because he was the last person I chatted with, so I asked him.

At 16.10, I picked up Reza at Pancoran and we went to JCC. Just two of us. LOL. And this is what we got when we arrived.

It’s sooooo crowded. :-|. So many people there, but this is just on the outside. The outside of the outside of this (or we may brief it as the outside gate), much more people got no permit because of no pass ticket. Ups, I should tell you something…very…interest… before we got this position. We were before is two’s who got no permit too. The securities held us, because we didn’t wear our high school uniform! Oh great! Our ticket is just for high school-ers. But this is how our triumph card worked. The University of Indonesia member’s card! The securities just let us in after seeing them. Now, I know the advantages become one of the students in this big university. Hope the dean not sees this blog. xD

I think it’s long enough. It’ll be bad to get a long post, right? So this is the end of the part one. To be continued.


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