FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour 2010, Jakarta (part 2)

For you who are waiting the next part, thanks. (Is there really anyone?) phew

Ok, we go to through the next part. Where we were before? Let’s check it for a while!

Hmm, We still on the outside building! huee, it’s still far away from the trophy. At 18.00, after we stuck in the middle of people’s sweat around us , and the “open!” yell, we came in. Fiuhh, it’s so tumultuous!

Now, we were in the green area. First thought that through my head was, where is the trophy? And that’s how the map (better than I drew indotz) helped us. So, we must through all the other area before we could see it on the yellow.

It’s okay, there’s plenty of time. But then, we saw there’s another queued to the Indonesia Soccer area. Wow, did we must queue all the time before we saw the thing we want? We believe it didn’t. Maybe it’s just here and yeah, just waiting for about 10 minutes it’s okay.

And then, we move in to the red area, and unfortunately, we must queued again. And again. And… stop, we gave up just before we enter to the Stadium area. It’ll too late if we continued and we back to the green area.

But, that was a lucky there. The Wavin’ Flag Dance! Hehehehe. woohehe

~If you face your day without passion, I recommend you to listen to the Wavin’ Flag (The Celebration) – OST FIFA World Cup 2010. It’s a great song


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