CodeIgniter on Eclipse-PDT

Back to nature! woohehe

Hope this tutorial useful for you. I adopt it from this link, and modify it with my own words.

  • Step 1: Install The CodeIgniter

First of all, install it to your webserver. You can žinstall it by extract and rename it (e.g. example) to the web server folder (e.g. htdocs if you use XAMPP).

  • Step 2: Rearrange Your CI Folder

žMove the application folder in the system folder to the root.

  • Step 3: Edit the Application Path

Open the index.php with your editor and modified the application path to “../application”

  • Step 4a: Working with Eclipse (for System folder)

Create New PHP Project on the Eclipse and set it like this

  • Step 4b: Working with Eclipse (for Application folder)

And so for the Application folder

  • Step 5: Setting The Include Path

žRight click the example_application folder in the eclipse, then set the include path

  • Step 6: The Auto Completion (Try it!)

Try to hover to a function, and see what happen

And press Ctrl+Space to get the auto completion feature

And that’s for today, hope you enjoy the show… 🙂


3 thoughts on “CodeIgniter on Eclipse-PDT

  1. Haha,, Thx Bro,, your notes useful to me right now :D…

    But, what the effect if we not doing step no.2 ??? So far, I never rearrange CI Folder,, and it’s still work..

    1. Is it? I just followed it from another link.. haha 😛
      Or do you urself have any clue why the step 2 is written there?

      1. Hahaha,, I see,,,
        But I actually never doing Step 2 when build project based on CI. And it’s still work.

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