Futsal Coaching Clinic: Man To Man Marking

Hi, long time no see. I’m so busy with my last paper (it’s absolutely a lie woohehe) and with my Counter-Strike plus Pro Evolution Soccer (and so these are the fact! shy).

Let’s begin! It’s so irritating seeing my team “Bujang ingin Juara” or in English “Singles wanna be a Champion” nearly fail to pass the group phase in the Computer Science League at my campus omg. So, I want to know about any futsal techniques.

This article I get from here and I translate it with this.

In general, the maintenance is relatively the same way with football that is in the position of head to head with opponents. Only, there are some distinguishing features that need to be done in practice. They are:

1. When confronted directly, preferably slightly oblique position of the body. This will allow us, when the opponent successfully passed. We will not be far behind when both doing sprint and pursuit of the ball. Conversely, if confronted directly, it is likely we will have difficulty pursuing opponents who pass us by because he is more used to doing sprints. Remember, the sprint distance is very short in futsal.

2. Note the distance between the ball with our position. Do not be too far and should not be affected by deceptive motion opposing players. At the moment we focus on the ball, it would be easy to cut the opponent’s attack and launch an attack variations.


4 thoughts on “Futsal Coaching Clinic: Man To Man Marking

  1. Make sure to rotate, pass the ball and move, don’t stand still on the court. I’m sure defending isn’t a problem that can come with time, but focus first on offense!

    1. What you say first is the main problem of our team, especially on keeping the ball. It’s really hard to do that.

      Anyway, thanks for your comment =)

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