Futsal Coaching Clinic: Umpan Jangkar

The next topic about Futsal. Still, I get it in here and translate it with this. yellowcard

At first, I’m sorry about unknowing the term “Umpan Jangkar” in English, literally: “Anchor Pass”  huh. I prefer use Umpan Jangkar here. Anyway, I think this is the most important move in Futsal. You get this well, you rule the play. Let’s practice!

Umpan Jangkar or you can say as back pass (not back pass to the keeper, but to your zone). This type of pass is useful to establish a coordinated and planned attack. Although impressed easily done, but save the big risk. If the pass was successfully snatched or stolen opponent, there will be counterattacks at the very dangerous situation. There are some tips to prevent it.

1. Players who receive a umpan jangkar should not stand too close to the ball feeder. The purpose of this umpan jangkar is actually to escape from the pressures of the opponent without losing the ball. Umpan jangkar should be in the range of 4-5 meters.

2. Umpan jangkar’s quality should be excellent. Speed and accuracy of the pass should be fitted. Besides, the ball along the ground should be as smooth as possible in order to facilitate control of the ball by pass receiver.

3. Umpan jangkar in principle should only be done if the players will receive the ball really is free (not maintained or suppressed by opponents)

One more tips from my experience: The quality of the receiver. He must has a good skill to maintain ball and great vision to view his team mates position. Then, support it! Umpan jangkar will be your dead if your receiver doesn’t have any team mates free before he got pressed.

Side Story:

Unfortunately, and it was really the worst. Bujang Ingin Juara, as my team I said before, knocked-out. 11-1 in the important match. omg


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