MP3’s Lyrics on Windows 7 Windows Media Player 12

As many people having trouble with the lyrics tag MP3 on Windows 7, I’d like to give two solutions here.


You who are using WMP 12 as the default player must be disappointed with the replacement of advance tag editor, do you? There is a solution for you, Lyrics plugin! You can download it here. By default, it is activated on your WMP 12, and you can use it through the now playing windows.

But, before using this plugin, there are some stuffs you must undertake. As this plugin using a website ( to find a lyrics for your MP3, you must ensure that your PC or laptop connected to Internet. This plugin won’t work unless you get connected. Next, make sure the title’s and artist’s tags on your MP3 files are correct. These tags are the variable used by the plugin to search on the site.


This solution is for you who can’t connected every time! TagScanner, one of the MP3’s tag editor application is the answer. You can download it here. You can now insert the lyrics within your MP3 files. How to do it? Hope this tutorial can help you.

  1. Open the mp3 file that you want to add the lyrics.
  2. Go to the TAG Editor window
  3. See the right side of the window, drag down until you see Lyrics field, then insert the lyrics there
  4. Save it

You can refer the point to the image below

Note that this application is not easy to use, there are just button. You can see the function of the button in the very bottom of the application. Ensure you aren’t playing the file while you edit it.

That’s for all, hope this post helping you.


10 thoughts on “MP3’s Lyrics on Windows 7 Windows Media Player 12

      1. Right now, lyrics can only be set on the Advanced page of the tag editor, by right-clicking a tag, selecting Add, and picking WM/Lyrics.

        I admit that this isn’t very convenient, but in the next major version of Windows Media Player Plus!, there will be a separate page for the lyrics (I’m the author of the plug-in).

  1. Well 4 me it’s very frustrating that the lyrics tag in the properties on an mp3 file is not there.
    I d/l your plugin however in the advance the WM/lyrics is not there 😦
    not my luck,
    can’t understand wy MS removed such a great tool of lyrics…..

    1. ah yes.. the plugin it’s not working well anymore, I got wrong lyrics on every song.. such a mess!
      You can use MiniLyrics, but it’s not free anyway

  2. Huwaaaaaaaaaa..

    I must say thank you, Di.

    Quite funny actually.. I searched in google to find about how to use lyrics plug-ins. Went to this site.. Feel really helped by the information.

    After installing, back to the site, scrolled down, finding your photo. Feeling stupid.. I thought that this world was so small, because at first I thought that this blog’s owner is your friend.

    And then go to the homepage, found another shocking surprise.. a facebook link. YOURS!!!
    Feeling stupid even more.

    Turns out, this site is Arditya Wahyu’s.. hahahaha

    Nice blog.. Great way to learn English.

    1. haha, you’re welcome… 🙂
      it’s the photo that you should know rite? hehehe, I’m still not changing it..

      Happy to hear that this help you…

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