My First Android Smartphone: The Samsung’s First Galaxy Series, Galaxy SPICA

Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica it’s the full name. Is it the first samsung’s android? Indeed (and I just know it when I ask myself and googling about it, see this). With the official eclair (Android 2.1), I guess this is the first android usable phone, at least for the end-user.

The specs is not too low as the low-mid Android’s as its 800 Mhz processor, but unfortunately there’s very tiny RAM (approx 130 MB) and with no Graphic library on it. Using many background application will makes it not just laggy, but stuck for a while. But I like the camera, with 3,15 MP I get a good picture on the outside (what do you expect inside the room/darkness when there’s no flashlight?). Want to know the complete specs? Don’t be lazy, Just search it on gsmarena.

Now, I have to say goodbye to this legendary phone and welcoming Nexus S. Hehe.

Tips for the Low-Mid Android Phone User

Android is all about Processor and RAM. Processor for browsing, gaming, etc while RAM for the multitasking –running couple applications on the background. These tips is for you who have it with RAM less than 512 MB and Processor less than 800 Mhz.

Non-rooted Phone
Twitter, Facebook, Email and Instant Messaging. I guess these 3 are gonna be the major apps running overtime.

Don’t ever install/use the official Facebook for Android. It takes 15-20 MB of your RAM, also the notifications just working for some like messages, friend add, but no for the ordinary. Alternative: use Friendcaster. It’s great. Use the periodical method for notifications so than just need RAM when it needs to update.

For tweeting, you free to choose between the official, Seesmic or maybe tweetcaster (same developer with friendcaster, I never try it because I don’t like the ads). If you want to choose another one, please make sure it doesn’t run on the background. Good twitter app just run when it needed.

Instant Messaging. eBuddy is a great one before it gets advertise on it. The update and advertise ruin this great IM app. Now I’m using Trillian. The C2DM feature is a battery savior. And it also almost IM Services even you just need the Y!M. I installed the official Y!M once, feel so laggy and unstable. Actually there’s another good IM app, IMO. It’s so lightweight but it doesn’t proper for you who live in an area which the broadband signal poor.

The last is for the email. I guess some of you stop the sync feature to make battery life better. But for me, I just make it on especially for the google services. But no for picasa. The synchronize just syncing when such as add a contacts, add an event. It’s not running overtime. And for the Gmail, yes it’s the C2DM. If you use another email, maybe you can make it pulled to your gmail account if you doesn’t matter with it (how to do this? google is there for you). Or you can use K-9 Mail. It’s the best email client ever. I won’t tell anymore about this, just try it!

Rooted Phone
I think, everyone who already rooted their phone already have a good experience with Android. So you know what’s best for your phone. I’ll just add one-two thing here. Never try this one because of void the warranty? Oh, please.

FYI, you can get a better and better performance and battery life with rooted phone. How much better? It’s much , for sure. There are so much custom ROM for almost every Android phone. Custom ROM with high performance usually takes the battery and a bit unstable. Custom ROM with, yeah, maybe lower performance (but still better than the stock) able to make your phone live longer than usual. Sometimes, there’s a modification for the voltage, scheduling manager, and so on.

Well, it’s all up to you to decide which custom ROM you should use based on your experience.
~Do it with your own risk~



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