Why Non-Replaceable Battery on Smartphone?

I guess many of you asked this thing. Usually, this ‘feature’ usually comes with the unibody phone. Well, unibody is a great thing since it gives us better design (you can compare HTC’s over Samsung’s). But the condition is not vice versa. iPhone has this ‘feature’ but with no unibody as example.

At first, this non-replaceable battery thing is just for rising up the after sales for manufacturer. They can monopolize battery sales without hampered by the fake one (or bigger capacity with extra case). But then, I wonder how long they will support the phone? As you can see, at least once a year there will be new flagship one followed by many varieties (like what Samsung did). Two years? Three years? With the latest lithium battery, we’ll see the battery drop more-less in 2 years. Even you sales the phone to another as you want to update the old, the buyer may rethinking about this ‘feature’. “I have no time to go to the service store just changing the battery”. After all, you can still able to change the battery by yourself, if you dare!

To summarize it, these points may consider you why not choosing the non-replaceable battery:

  • Battery degradation
  • my phone freeze. Well, you can hold your power button until it turned off. And it should be worked or you will just let the phone die by itself, and this is bad your battery health
  • Want to change bigger battery capacity.

But something will not be built if there’s no purpose on it. And it’s not just for the phone design purposes. You may realize that this ‘feature’ usually for security. How? How can this just about the battery related to the security? What I said security in this post is not in term of virus, trojan or the other malware, but what I mean is about steal and theft thing. A theft, will be immediately turn off the phone after he got it from you. Even they can not turn it off with the switch button because the lock screen, he’ll still able to remove the battery. And your “find my phone” app become useless.

This thing will not be happen with your non-replaceable battery phone. That’s why, this ‘feature’ usually comes from flagship-and-expensive smartphone. The “find my phone” app will work as you wish when you got stolen. Unless, your phone got stolen when it goes low battery. Yaa nasibmu*!

* last phrase is on Indonesian. You can read it as “your fate!”.


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