First Game and Lost Already

I wanna kill the referee!!!


Early goal (6′), should be a great start for Arsenal. It’s clearly a goal. I think, Arsenal now has a early goal on first 10 minutes of the game as a target. You may see couple of their latest games.

Second Goal (around 20′). Benteke. Came from a penalty rebound. Oke, I wonder about the penalty.

Either great move from Agbonlahor, or Koscielny’s bad defence, the Villa’s get through the penalty area, fight one-on-one with Scezny. The keeper makes Agbonlahor fell down, the ball goes to the left from keeper, finds a Villa’s player (forgot the name, sorry), referee gives the advantage, he takes the shot and it gone side netting. No goal.
The player is on a good position for taking a shot whether it’s from a pass or coincidence (I didn’t get the detail). And seeing this, ref already gave his decision to play on, but the score is not changed. Then suddenly, the ref blow his whistle for penalty plus with a yellow for the Poland’s. I’m sure if the ball went in, it’ll be count. How come?

Next the third goal (around 70′). Benteke, penalty (again). This is the controversial. Agbonlahor (cmiiw) again get through the Arsenal defence. But Koscielny still get him with a great tackle. He got the ball really slightly. But it’s still a clear tackle in the box. Assistant referee keep the flag down (as far as I know). But not for the ref. He (again) blew his breath through the mouth with whistle on it. And he comes from the back. The worst point of view. And again plus a yellow card for Kos. Penalty. Goal.

The last goal (around 80′). Luna Moonfang. With Arsenal last 10 player. Counter attack from a corner kick. Boom! Make sure 0 point for Arsenal.

It’s not just about the goal. I really don’t know anymore what the ref has been done all over the game. Foul, cards, and so on really make the host down.

Thank you ref, you’re really get your job done well.

Well, aside from the ref, I already doubt the game after Arteta injured. He is the most inportant player on the Arsenal side as defensive midfielder. And Arsenal really wrong not get Luiz Gustavo. He should be the one we bought, also Suarez.

One more think, Arsenal should rise up the salary of the squad, so when a big player want to come they won’t bother again with it. *I get information (don’t a fact or not) that Gustavo rejects the salary. And with Gunner’s average, they won’t give the salary demand to make the company balance with others.

“Our squad is strong enough”, Opa Wenger?

Sincerely, Gooner.

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